Accreditation Program

Accreditation Program ico01

All Regional Parks are operated by volunteer boards. The board forms an “Authority” and, as such has the ability to enact their own bylaws, and policies needed to operate their particular park. This also means that they are entirely responsible for every operational aspect of their park which includes health, safety, cleanliness and maintenance.

When a Regional Park has provided the requested documentation and met the standards required to display the Accredited Symbol, these Regional Park Authorities are saying to you, their patrons that they are meeting or exceeding the requirements of their Health Region and are complying with all other regulatory bodies. They are stating that they will have, at the very least, the basic camping facilities at their park for their patrons and that those facilities will be maintained to an acceptable standard with your safety and comfort in mind.

If a park does not display this symbol, it means they have not completed or attained the required documentation or standards.