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May 2023 18

Fire Ban Notice: Important Information for Regional Park Visitors



Several areas in Saskatchewan are currently under a fire ban due to the heightened risk of wildfires. It is essential to note that Regional Parks may also enforce fire bans to mitigate potential hazards. Therefore, before planning any outdoor activities that involve open fires, we encourage you to check if your Regional Park has a fire ban in effect.

To find out if your Regional Park has a fire ban, please contact them directly. You find their contact information on their park pages – listed in the “Pick a Park” drop-down menu. They will provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding fire bans and any related guidelines you need to follow.

By taking this proactive step, you can ensure your safety and the safety of others. Remember, fire bans are put in place to protect our environment and wildlife, and it is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to these restrictions.

We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and commitment to preserving Saskatchewan’s natural beauty. Stay informed, stay safe, and let’s all work together to make this summer a memorable and fire-safe season!